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Care Services Questions

Do you have on-site physicians?

Yes! We have a Nurse Practitioner that comes in weekly, we also have a Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Podiatrist, & Optometrist.

They receive specific job-related training upon hire at general orientation and mandatory training throughout the year.

We have 74 apartments, 26 apartments in Memory Care and 48 in the regular AL.


Our computerized medical records will show whether the residents’ medications have been given or not. If the resident doesn’t come down for their medications, we will either call or send an aide to get them. We also do resident checks in the dining room, if a resident doesn’t show up for a meal a half hour before service is over, we will call to remind them to come down.

Yes! Staff is readily available to help residents get to and from the dining room if requested.

Do you have nurses on staff?

Yes! We have RN’s, LPN’s, Medication Aides and Nurses Aides. We provide care 24 hours a day.

Yes! We have a therapy gym, and we have two therapy providers.  Medicare part A (Bayada) and Medicare part B (Reliant).  Typically, when someone moves in, we have the Medicare Part A provider assess the resident and treat them if needed. This is helpful to get a resident familiar with their apartment and the community and gain confidence in their new surroundings. Medicare part B provider will assess and treat a resident if they have had a decline or if they need strength training in an area. Medicare will usually cover services, sometimes there is a co-pay for the Part B service depending on the insurance the resident has.

Yes! Typically, a 10-mile radius of our community.

We provide toilet paper and trash bags.

Other Community Questions

What is the cost?

There are 2 things that typically affect the individuals cost; apartment size and care needs. Our apartment sizes vary from 310 sq.ft. all the way to 582 sq. ft. Everyone’s care needs are different, some need no help with Activities of Daily Living (bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, transferring, transporting) and some need help with almost all ADL’s. Apartments start at $5670 and care levels start at $1,050*. The cost of the apartment includes all three meals per day, laundry and housekeeping once a week, daily bed making and trash removal, transportation to and from doctor’s appointments, round the clock nursing care and peace of mind.

*Note: Last Updated 10/23, Prices are subject to change.

Yes! Resident’s that bring a pet must be able to care for it themselves and the pet lives in the apartment with the resident, not around the community.

Yes, we have weekly housekeeping that cleans the apartment bathroom. Additionally, we empty the trash daily.

We do not have visiting hours however the front doors are unlocked from 8:00am- 8:00 pm and doorbell service is offered after.


Yes! We have outings at least weekly. We will typically do an errand run outing where we go to the bank, drug stores, dollar store, Walmart, or Acme. We will also go to lunch, ball games, museum’s, Barnegat Light House, and aquariums. Our residents can come and go as they please, they are usually accompanied by a family member or friend but if they are independent and able, they can go by themselves.

We accommodate a variety of different religions based on the resident’s request to participate.

Do you get your own apartment?

Yes! You have your own apartment, and you furnish it yourself. Some like to furnish the apartment with their own thing which can be comforting and some like a fresh start and purchase new things, either way your apartment is your own space to have fun with.

The food is great! We make the majority of our food in house. We take special diets into consideration and prepare the food with sodium levels in mind. We have a wide variety of chef inspired meals that are made to order. Our dining room looks like a restaurant, and it’s served like one too.

Yes! We will launder linens and personal clothing weekly.

Yes! For a maximum of 3 nights.

We have a wide variety of resident driven activities. This means that the residents are telling us what they’d like to see on the calendars, and we are planning it for them. The residents also can organize and implement activities on their own. We have everything from daily exercise groups to knitting clubs, card games, movies, trivia, and billiards club. There is something for everyone! We have a great program that is called Lifeloop that allows families to see what is planned and what their loved one is participating in.

Yes! The Life Enrichment Department will invite residents to activities taking place throughout the day. They are also notified of bigger events through flyers or by personal invites.

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